Chassis 860063

We do our best to reunite former owners of E Types with their cars or news of their cars, and on this occasion we seek the whereabouts of an early fixed head coupé.

The chassis number of this car is believed to be 860063 with the registration number 2945 PW. The car was originally ordered in pale metallic blue with red interior from Mann Egerton from their Norwich Show Room in early 1962. It was the first fixed head coupé to be delivered through Mann Egerton, but the owner sadly sold the car on after just two years back to the supplying garage.

Better to learn wisdom late than never learn it at all! The original owner would now like to hear from anyone who knows of this car, its whereabouts or its history. If you can help would you contact Petronel Payne on 01962 777321 or at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

E Type Workshop - 6 April 2014

Workshop 2014

Following last year's very successful E Type Workshop we're returning to the Motor Heritage Museum near Gaydon to present more technical information and advice.

Only £60 per person for JDC members, including lunch, refreshments and hand-outs.

For more information or to book, please contact JDC Head Office on 01582 419332, or e-mail This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

2013 Silverstone Classic

This year’s Silverstone Classic turned out to be a great event, with a huge turnout of cars – particularly on the Saturday.

In addition to the dozens of members who brought their E-types, we were pleased to welcome lots of non-JDC owners, more than a dozen of whom signed up!

New members Mauro Poponcini and Sophie Pittoors came all the way from Antwerp in their silver-grey Series 1 fixed-head, which they’ve only owned for a few months. “It’s our first one,” Sophie said, “and it’s the most beautiful car ever made.” Even Enzo Ferrari would agree with you there, Sophie!

Not to be outdone, Simon Fox brought his new black XKRS convertible – the one that caused such a sensation at Prescott – on the Friday, then came back Saturday with his red E-type roadster. He would have brought the Mark 2 on Sunday but it was in the altogether (ie minus paint) in the bodyshop.

Another couple in the first flush of E-type ownership is Bill and Georgia Williams, who are still living the dream with their beautiful S3 roadster. “We so love it,” Bill said. “It’s wonderful!”

The club’s presence at Silverstone has been in the balance for some time and there is talk of not going next year. But having seen the number of enthusiastic members who made the effort to come this time, I think we will be reconsidering. What do you think? Let us know!

Perfect Prescott

This year's E-type Day at Prescott was a runaway success, with Maseratis, Healeys, Astons and a pre-war Riley swelling the ranks of Jaguars.

The factory sent a spanking new white F-Type to complement the black one Fox's of Cheltenham displayed and SNG Barratt supported the event, as usual.

Norman Dewis was, once again, our guest of honour, and Quentin Willson, the UK's most popular motoring writer and broadcaster, had a second crack at winning the concours… and succeeded!

Norman Alford won the Endeavour Prize for his beautiful red S1 and Pam Monks took first prize in the Carnaby Street Competition. Great day!

Thank you to everyone who supported it.

Prescott Photos

As in previous years, we had an official photographer recording your hill-runs for posterity. This year we welcomed Craig Derrick Photography for the first time, and they took over 3000 photos during the day.


You can order prints or digital copies through their web site: www.craigderrickphotography.com

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