The Dangers of the A272

Let this be a warning to you all of the dangers of stopping off at public houses on that most interesting and historical highway, the A272!

One rainy Sunday morning in the not too distant passed, Ms Shirley Airley was driving down the A272 heading towards the Hinton Arms at New Cheriton. Her aim was to stop for lunch prior to completing her journey home. Like any self-respecting lady member of the JDC she was driving her 1969 series II, carmen red FHC E Type. When she turned off the A272 into the Hinton Arms and parked her E Type, she assumed she had parked in the car park of this fair hostelry.

After a delightful lunch of roast beef and Yorkshire pudding followed by apple pie and cream, she returned to her car to discover quite unwittingly, that she had won second prize in the Annual Classic Car Show! It’s a beautiful car and she didn’t even have try to win the award. She is determined to go back next year when we are all quite sure she will win it! Well done Shirley.

Don't Do It Yourself

I’ve included with this month’s article a number of photographs showing the most awful agricultural welding carried out by one of our members. He will of course remain anonymous, although needless to say we love him dearly.

However if you don’t know how to weld don’t do it!

The member concerned was good at repairing crude agricultural machinery but hopeless when it came to the finesse required to weld the bodywork of an E Type Jaguar. Our restoration expert, Lee Ridley, saved the day by completing the restoration work successfully. So successfully, that on the members 70th birthday, the car was secretly driven to his birthday luncheon, whence it was presented to an astonished owner and guests. The car was driven into the garden and formally presented resulting in a very tearful reception. Tears, I am pleased to report of joy at the sight of a beautifully restored car saved from his own welding attempts!

Gaynor Gauter

For some time now Gaynor has spread her wings to join the National Committee of the JDC as well as her other roles as professional motoring journalist and photographer. Despite this Gaynor has maintained her position on the committee of the E Type register. The Register has continued to meet on a monthly basis, alternating between Petronel’s home at Stable Yard just outside Winchester and Gaynor’s home in Hampton south west London.

Sadly for all of us on the Register, Gaynor has decided to concentrate on her other responsibilities within the JDC, and so has resigned from the committee.

We are all very sorry to see her leave, and I take this opportunity on behalf of the Register to thank her for her contributions and her hard work over so many years. I shall miss the run up to her home in Hampton on a Wednesday evening, when a delicious meal would always await along with her fiancé Len, the two of them making the most congenial hosts.

Gaynor, like me has a passion for classical and romantic music, and has a superb collection of CD’s. Sadly wasted on the remainder of the committee, Gaynor and I would choose appropriate music to back the machinations of the committee. I shall miss these times with Gaynor and Len although obviously Gaynor and Len’s involvement will continue with the club generally. As some of you will know Gaynor and Len are to marry next year and I hear on the grape vine, may in addition be moving to the West Country. We wish them both every happiness in the future as these plans unfold.

Mrs Petronel Payne

Every now and then in life you meet someone who is truly special, Petronel is such a person. As some of you may know she has not been well recently and has spent some time in Hospital. I’m happy to report she is out of hospital now and well on the way to recovery.

She has run many of the E Type Register events for many years and of course her husband Martin was the register correspondent right up to the time of his death. Petronel has had a rotten few years and on behalf of the Register and the JDC we wish her a full and speedy recovery and record our gratitude for all she has done on our behalf.

Trying to Find 5944 DD

The Register has been approached by a lady trying to trace an E Type owned by her brother. It is a sad tale and where the lady concerned is not interested in buying the car, but merely wishes to see it again, and when you hear the background you’ll understand why.

The car was purchased new by her brother Nicky in the early 1960s. That would have been quite an achievement at that time for a 23 year old, as credit was virtually non-existent, save through the begrudging approval of one’s bank manager, and the two thousand pounds then needed would have been difficult at that age to save. Needless to say Nicky was very proud of his car, but his ownership proved very tragically to be all too short.

Nicky was a member of the Territorial Army, and in 1965 he was killed in a parachuting accident. The family were devastated, especially Nicky’s mother who sold car and disposed of everything belonging to Nicky, including all photographs of him. This may seem strange to us now, but Nicky’s mother loved her son so much that she could not bear to be reminded of his loss.

At the time his sister was just 11 years of age, and when children knew there place, to be seen and not heard, she was not consulted about her brother’s effects. So one day when she found a photograph of Nicky in his desk, she knew she had to take it and hide it or there would be nothing left. That is the picture below.

Recently the very brave mother died, at the grand old age of 103! In the aftermath of such a sad event the sister’s mind and memories have gone back to the happy days when Nicky was alive and owned his British Racing Green E Type. In particular the obvious questions occurred to her; what has happened to the car and is it still on the road?

Petronel started the hunt and was able to find out that the car is still on the Register with the following details: Chassis number 850397, Year 1962, Registration number 5944 DD.

The sister of Nicky would like to speak to the owner and to look at the car. The current owner may like to know some of the early history of the car, and he or she can get hold of her on This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

I have spoken to the sister who truly is a lady and I know she would be thrilled, fascinated and delighted to see the car again after nearly 50 years. Please if you are the owner of this car it would be a great kindness to respond.

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