Track Day - Important Notes


The International Jaguar E Type Register of the Jaguar Drivers Club Ltd., will do its utmost to make the Track Day a safe event for all those concerned, but ultimately the responsibility is yours and yours alone. The International Jaguar E Type Register of the Jaguar Drivers Club Ltd., cannot beheld responsible for any damage to your car whilst taking part in the event, howsoever caused.


Helmets and seat belts or harnesses must be worn at all times on the circuit.


When driving on the circuit you must overtake on the left hand side only. Use your mirrors regularly and if you see faster traffic behind you move over to the right and let the vehicles pass on the left. On no account overtake another vehicle through a corner unless the vehicle in front clearly indicates you may do so.


If at any time you crash your vehicle, it may be necessary to stop circuit activity. This causes unnecessary loss of track time to both yourself and your colleagues and it is therefore suggested that every care be taken to ensure your machine is driven to the conditions and not beyond.


Please ensure, that before entering onto the circuit, you are familiar with the following flag signals, asthis is our only form of communication whilst you are on the circuit:

Red              Danger                  

Session has been stopped. Slow down immediately and proceed to the pits exercising extreme caution.

Yellow         Slow Down     

Your speed at this stage is too high for safety, (or there maybe danger ahead of you).

Blue             Overtaking           

Someone is following close behind you and wants to overtake. Move to the right and let the faster vehicle(s) pass you on the left.

Chequered            Session Ends    

Complete the remainder of the lap and return to the pits.

General Reminders

Please drive slowly in the pit road and keep to the left until parking.

When joining the circuit do a “motorway entry” - i.e. keep to the right until you are through the first corner.

Always use your mirrors - overtake and be overtaken on the left only.

Brake and change gear in a straight line - do not brake in corner.

Before each corner slow the car down sufficiently to a speed that enables you to accelerate progressively through the corner.

Steer smoothly. Do not feed the steering wheel through your hands and do not saw at the wheel.

Remember - if you crash valuable circuit time will be lost from your session.

The International Jaguar E Type Register of the Jaguar Drivers Club Ltd. reserves the right to take off circuit, anyone who is not complying with instructions or who may be causing a danger to himself/herself or others.

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