V12 Inlet Modification

I’ve included pictures from a recent area 1 visit to the West Country and Devon in particular. John’s V12 is shown at the bottom of a typical Devon hill with winding road and thatched cottages. It is this V12 that John has been working on subsequently improving the inlet manifolds. If you look carefully in the pictures you will see that the amount of metal at the top of the manifold has been greatly reduced, with the intrusion of the manifold bolts done away with, and a much cleaner shape around the inlet hole. John has carried out this work with the most basic tools and has achieved an excellent result, which should result in improved economy and performance. 


I’ve included pictures of the visit to Devon to show the team work when a Mark II needed fettling, and the Sherman Tank recovered from the sea after the awful tragedy which resulted in the loss of many American Service men as they rehearsed for D Day. The happy picture of John, his wife Susan and, hiding behind the shade, I believe Mrs Michael Byng, reflects the happier times we now enjoy as a result of the sacrifice of Allied Troops during the First and Second World Wars. In these troubled times, may we not forget the freedoms we so often take for granted, paid for by those prepared to pay with that ultimate price, their lives.


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