Abu Dhabi

John Burton was lucky enough to get tickets for the Formula 1 Race in this city and went out with other members of the Register. Whilst there, John came across a series II E type in the process of restoration. The car was located in the world’s largest Mercedes agent but unfortunately was not receiving the sort of expert attention it required.

The 3.8 block had been bored out to 4.2 i.e. plus 30 thousand, completely destroying the block in the process. You will notice from the photograph that the wiring to instruments has been fully exposed with all instruments removed, the owner wishing to convert the dash to a series I layout, with the old fashioned toggle switches.


John thought that this was probably the only E Type in Abu Dhabi, not that it was the only car of interest found on a tour of this particular garage. Under the layers of dust in the photograph, you will see a 20 year old Mini Cooper with just 732km on the clock i.e. 454miles. One is bound to ask what was the point of buying the car in the first place if that was the only use it was to receive?

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