Norman Dewis: OBE

I’m sure most of you will know by now that Norman Dewis has been honoured in the Queen’s New Years’ Honours. The Order of the British Empire – how richly deserved for all he has done, both for the testing and advancement of Jaguars, and his important role in the development of the disc brake. Not only did this innovation in brake design give British racing cars the edge over the competition, it has provided all of us with a far safer braking system that has saved countless lives and accidents, not only in Great Britain, but throughout the World.

All the honour must be Norman’s, but I like to think that it was here in the E Type Register that the first call for action on this subject was first made, but most importantly you the JDC members who took up the challenge and pursued the clamour for this worthy man to be honoured. We received particular support from Mark Styring and Derek Lloyd, who were incredibly pro-active in making representations about Norman. Derek I know made lengthy enquiries with the Honours Office, and I believe spearheaded the actual official representations. A huge thank you is owed by us all to these gentlemen for their time and efforts on Norman’s behalf. However, if it had not been for Norman’s huge contribution to the British Motor Industry in the first place, no amount of effort would have achieved this recognition.

We look forward to enjoying our friendship with Norman in the future, who has always been so faithful in supporting our various events. The moment Norman received the letter from the Queen was caught by John Burton on film, and that photograph is here with this article for you all to enjoy.


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