Memory & Action

I am aware that a number of emails received by me have not received a response. The most notable subject is the recognition of Norman Dewis for his contribution to the motor industry through his development of various models in the Jaguar range, most notably the E Type and, through his major contribution to the development of the disc brake.

Can I reassure all of you, and I mean all of you and not just those who have emailed me, that this subject has not been forgotten, but that there are times when public debate must cease when private action proceeds. In respect of other subjects, I hope you will bear with me as my efforts on this page have to fit in with the responsibility of my work.

However I have a long and thorough memory and no subject worthy of space on this page or of receiving an informed response from me will be neglected. I am two or three years away from retirement and am attempting to prepare my life for my third career. The present period in my life is very much given over to my continuing career and those preparations. However on starting my third career as I prefer to call it, I shall be able to devote more time to the Register. So please be patient with me. It is not always easy to find interesting subjects at this time of year, so please send me your ideas and your photos to help me make this page more interesting.

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