The Dangers of the A272

Let this be a warning to you all of the dangers of stopping off at public houses on that most interesting and historical highway, the A272!

One rainy Sunday morning in the not too distant passed, Ms Shirley Airley was driving down the A272 heading towards the Hinton Arms at New Cheriton. Her aim was to stop for lunch prior to completing her journey home. Like any self-respecting lady member of the JDC she was driving her 1969 series II, carmen red FHC E Type. When she turned off the A272 into the Hinton Arms and parked her E Type, she assumed she had parked in the car park of this fair hostelry.

After a delightful lunch of roast beef and Yorkshire pudding followed by apple pie and cream, she returned to her car to discover quite unwittingly, that she had won second prize in the Annual Classic Car Show! It’s a beautiful car and she didn’t even have try to win the award. She is determined to go back next year when we are all quite sure she will win it! Well done Shirley.

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