Don't Do It Yourself

I’ve included with this month’s article a number of photographs showing the most awful agricultural welding carried out by one of our members. He will of course remain anonymous, although needless to say we love him dearly.

However if you don’t know how to weld don’t do it!

The member concerned was good at repairing crude agricultural machinery but hopeless when it came to the finesse required to weld the bodywork of an E Type Jaguar. Our restoration expert, Lee Ridley, saved the day by completing the restoration work successfully. So successfully, that on the members 70th birthday, the car was secretly driven to his birthday luncheon, whence it was presented to an astonished owner and guests. The car was driven into the garden and formally presented resulting in a very tearful reception. Tears, I am pleased to report of joy at the sight of a beautifully restored car saved from his own welding attempts!

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