Gaynor Gauter

For some time now Gaynor has spread her wings to join the National Committee of the JDC as well as her other roles as professional motoring journalist and photographer. Despite this Gaynor has maintained her position on the committee of the E Type register. The Register has continued to meet on a monthly basis, alternating between Petronel’s home at Stable Yard just outside Winchester and Gaynor’s home in Hampton south west London.

Sadly for all of us on the Register, Gaynor has decided to concentrate on her other responsibilities within the JDC, and so has resigned from the committee.

We are all very sorry to see her leave, and I take this opportunity on behalf of the Register to thank her for her contributions and her hard work over so many years. I shall miss the run up to her home in Hampton on a Wednesday evening, when a delicious meal would always await along with her fiancé Len, the two of them making the most congenial hosts.

Gaynor, like me has a passion for classical and romantic music, and has a superb collection of CD’s. Sadly wasted on the remainder of the committee, Gaynor and I would choose appropriate music to back the machinations of the committee. I shall miss these times with Gaynor and Len although obviously Gaynor and Len’s involvement will continue with the club generally. As some of you will know Gaynor and Len are to marry next year and I hear on the grape vine, may in addition be moving to the West Country. We wish them both every happiness in the future as these plans unfold.

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