Silverstone Classic 25-27 July 2014

This is a fantastic event where, almost uniquely, you will be able to see the great racing Jaguars from the past being driven in full race conditions on the grand prix circuit. I put it this way as I recently attended the 72nd members meeting at Goodwood. I was thrilled to see the Le Mans V12 Jaguars from the 80’s and 90’s and look forward to hearing them in action. However, I was greatly disappointed when they did finally get onto the track to discover that they were only circulating for half a dozen demonstration laps. A much slower car prevented the V12’s from opening up, and thus we were prevented from hearing that most distinctive musical sound from the Jaguar V12s. That will not be the case at the Silverstone Classic, where the E Type Register will have its new stand in operation when I hope you will come along and say hello. Book your tickets now!

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