Sizzling Start to E Type Season

The May Bank Holiday means Track Day at Goodwood and this year’s turned out to be one of the best ever, with no rain and not a prang in sight!

And if the good weather wasn’t enough, our favourite crowd-pleaser, Grant Williams, turned up with BUY 1 to treat the crowds to one of his bravado displays of tyre-frazzling slides around the historic circuit.

Another Revival star was Nigel Webb, who came with his daughter Sheri in his red Series 1 E Type. Luckily, Nigel and Grant were in different groups so there were no head-to-heads this weekend. Regulars included Craig Wenlock, Robin Shaw and Brian Cracknell with their various E type lightweights, Ben Griffin in his SS100 and Phil Parkinson in his XK140. Sean Morvan and Rodger Price turned up from Jersey – Rodger in his immaculate Mark 2 and Sean in his S Type R, while Sean’s son Andrew brought his father’s latest purchase – a beautiful dark-red XJ6 Series 1. Jack White and son Nick never miss a Track Day with Jack’s gold Mark 2 and our chairman, John Burton, shared the wheel of his C Type with daughter Alex.

And if there was one car on the track guaranteed to stop on a postage stamp, it was Peter ‘Mr Coopercraft’ Cooper’s racing 420, complete with roll cage, alloy wheels and bonnet locks. Track Day newcomers were Mike Bouet with his smart red S Type and Simon Fox, who left his classics at home in favour of a snarling black XKRS convertible. He managed to get it through the noise test but once on track, the 510bhp beast was harder to keep quiet. “It’s an animal,” Simon said with a broad grin. “If it had been wet, I wouldn’t have dared take it out!”

Blockley brought a pile of wheels clad in their new E Type tyres for people to try out and judging by the number they sold, the verdict was a big thumbs up.

Our Track Day is still one of the best-value events of its kind and it’s free to spectators, so if you didn’t make it this year, don’t miss it next time around!

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