Premier Class


1.1 PREMIER CLASS Series 1,2,3 (FAR) document required

The object of Premier competition is to promote first class Concours for E-Type owners, and to judge their cars accordingly. Ensuring that the cars which enter comply with correct specifications relating to their Series and model variations hopefully for future generations. It is to this aim that the Register continues to place prime importance on a car's factory build details when judging.

(i) It is a requirement that the entrant be a fully paid up member of the JDC with the car currently insured, taxed and MoT'd with (FAR) document at hand.

(ii) Premier Class cars will be judged under rules 1.1, 1.2, 1.3, 1.4, 1.5, 1.6, 1.7, 1.8, 1.9.

(iii) There are 4 standard classes for each Series of E-Type.

(iv) There will be no amalgamation of any of these classes should there be a lack of sufficient entries.

(v) Series 1.5 cars will be grouped with the Series 2 class.


Series one 3.8 litre class

Series one 4.2 litre class

Series two 4.2 litre class

Series three 5.3 litre class

(Each class winner is awarded a Premier Certificate and Trophy). 

1.2 PAST WINNERS all Series (PREMIER CLASS) (FAR) required

(i) It is a requirement that the entrant be a fully paid up member of the JDC with car currently insured, taxed and MoT'd with (FAR) document at hand.

(ii) Past Winners will be judged under rules 1.2, 1.3, 1.4, 1.5, 1.6, 1.7, 1.8, 1.9.

(iii) Past Winners are classified as winners of a previous season's Premier competition, as class winner or overall winner in Premier Class competition of the E-Type Register.

(iv) It is emphasised that the car gains the title 'PAST WINNER' not the entrant.

(v) It is most important for entrants to check their class, if their car is a Past Winner. It automatically steps out of class competition for one season after its Premier win.

(vi) Entrant and the past winning car is eligible to compete for the Champion of Champions should they qualify in that season.

(vii) Entrants of past winning cars can enter future E-Type competition with a different car, assuming they have not won the title 'Past Winner' with that different car within the last season.

(viii) The term 'PAST WINNER' only applies to Concours winners within the E-Type Register. The entrant and car is free to enter JDC Concours events and would not be termed a Past Winner.


(Class winner is awarded a Premier Certificate and Trophy).


(i) The overall winner of all Premier Classes will be awarded the title 'Supreme Champion' on that day.

(ii) The 'Supreme Champion' award will be judged on merit and not necessarily on the highest score.

(iii) The Supreme Champion title will be held for one year.

(iv) The Supreme Champion will be asked to represent the Register at the JDC Champion of Champions. Confirmation of attendance, in writing, would be appreciated.

(v) Should the Supreme Champion not be available for the Champion of Champions, the runner-up will be invited to attend.


(Champion winner is awarded a Premier Certificate and Trophy)

NB: In the absence of a suitable, outright Premiership Concours winner, judged at the Annual E-Type Day, the E-Type Register Committee reserves the right to nominate a suitable candidate to go forward to the annual Champion of Champions. The selected E-Type will be chosen from a SHORT LIST of previous ROYAL BRIERLEY TROPHY winners. The car must have been out of competition for at least two years. 


(i) This system of marking focuses the car's authenticity, centring round the 6 major manufacturing criteria listed.

1. Chassis no. 20pts

2. Engine no. 20pts

3. Gearbox no. 20pts

4. Style of body 20pts

5. Exterior colour 20pts

6. Interior colour 20pts

These 120pts are extra to the points in the standard JDC form.

(ii) The Factory Archive Record (FAR) document will be used in Premier Class competition. 


(i) The standard JDC Concours marking sheet will be used.

(ii) An amended standard JDC Concours marking form (Premier Class only) incorporating a further 120 points for the Factory Archive Record.

(iii) The following minimum marking standards apply:

(a) 1st place - 85% or more

(b) 2nd place - 75% or more

(c) 3rd place - 65% or more

(d) Highly Commended - (see rule 1.6 & (i)(d))

(iv) This standard of marking allows for an only entrant in a class to gain a top award should the minimum marks be achieved.


(i) The following places apply:

(a) Up to 3 in class - 1st place only awarded

(b) Up to 5 in class - 1st & 2nd places awarded

(c) 6 & over in class - 1st, 2nd & 3rd places awarded

(d) A further award - Highly Commended, if merited

(ii) Should the highest mark in a class not reach the minimum criterion standard for a 1st place, see 1.5 (iii), a first place award would not apply, but if merited a highly commended award may be given instead. 


(i) All entrants are expected to drive their cars to and from the event.

(ii) There will be no judging of cars that arrive on trailers or trade plates.


(i) The car must be presented for judging in the correct class with the fee paid. The standard JDC Concours entry form correctly completed and placed inside front windscreen.

(ii) If applicable the (FAR) document should be at hand as well as the MoT certificate for mileage ratification.

(iii) The car is to be presented for judging totally empty of items, in a closed state with doors, bonnet, boot and windows shut.

(iv) In the case of Roadsters the hood must be up for inspection. If an accessory, such as a hardtop, is fitted, judges will ask for its removal.

(v) A maximum of two persons are permitted to prepare the car for competition at the venue.

(vi) For reasons of safety there will be no jacking up of cars.

(vii) The use of silicone for cleaning purposes on the day of competition is strictly forbidden.


(i) It is a policy that no judge working on behalf of the E-Type Register should enter in that same competition with any car belonging to him or his relations.

(ii) Judges have the right to ask for the withdrawal of a car from competition. Reasons must be given. An entrant has the right to lodge an appeal with the E-Type Register at the control caravan.

(iii) During the judging of a car the entrant must be present at all times. It should not be necessary to engage in conversation apart from answering the judges' requests, etc.

(iv) It must be noted that it is not possible for any judge to offer advice whilst in the process of judging. 

(v) The entrant will be given a reasonable amount of time should failure of a mechanical or electrical item occur whilst judging.

(vi) Mechanical operation of the car whilst judging. For reasons of safety, the owner should be seated fully inside the car. Prior to starting the engine the following procedure must be followed:

(a) Make sure the car is in neutral.

(b) Make sure the car is in neutral by verbal confirmation.

(c) Only then can the engine be started.

(vii) The judges' decision is final and correspondence will not be entered into after the event.

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