Concours d'Elegance

The Register has held Concours events since 1973. These events have been organised by the Committee for the benefit of the members. In the main they have been well received and the trend looks set to continue.

There are 4 categories of competition: Premier, Intermediate, Modified & Endeavour.

The Premier Class 'Best Car Of The Day' will be judged by the Register Committee and will receive the Royal Brierley Trophy for that season. This entrant and car will be invited to represent the Register at the JDC's Champion of Champions Concours competition. Should this entrant not be available then the second highest score will be taken and that entrant invited to enter.

The Intermediate Class is a non-Premier competition for entrants who wish to enter Concours at a less stringent level. This competition mainly focuses on cars which are not quite at the top, but with a little more input would eventually find themselves there.

The Modified Class is for entrants wishing to compete with a non-standard car. Each part of the car is judged on its own merit and there is no requirement to comply to factory build specifications. The Modified Trophy will be received on the basis that it is a non-Premier award.

Finally the Endeavour Trophy is awarded to the person who, in the opinion of the judges, has maintained and prepared their car on more of a DIY basis. The class is very informal and is open to all types of Jaguar with the rules relaxed.

The rules have been prepared by the E Type Register for the guidance of the entrant, advice can be given if there is any confusion over a car's class or any of the rules in general.


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