David Leck - Committee Member

David's interest in cars began during the 1960s in the West of Scotland where a school friend's family owned a small garage providing petrol sales, vehicle repairs and MOT testing.  During visits to the garage, he fondly remembers being around Mark IIs, S-Types and six cylinder E-Types sent to the workshop by the main dealer and thought one day...! That family also owned several Jaguars over the years.

After an unsuccessful attempt at buying a little used 4.2 Series III XJ6 in good order during the late 1980's (too big for the garage anyway), his interest in Jaguars never really waned. David is a Chartered Marine Engineer and spent over twenty years at sea in the Merchant Navy prior to hanging up the sea boots!

After coming ashore to take up an appointment as an engineer surveyor in the south east of England, his interest in classic cars was rejuvenated after seeing so many nice vehicles in fine fettle on the local roads. He started visiting shows, dealers, checking the classified adds and eventually succumbed to a Series 1.5 roadster which has been sympathetically improved over the years. Like his fellow committee members, he is keen to drive the car during leisure time  

......the adventure continues and the experience is recommended to all visitors.

David's E-Mail address is: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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