David Brown - Treasurer (Ex-Officio)

Although he has retired from the Committee after 27 years, David Brown is still Treasurer for the JDC E Type Register. He joined the committee in 1985 and has looked after its finances ever since. The fact that he is a Scot might have something to do with it! The cost of running the various annual events is quite significant and since the register has to be self-funding with no regular income, good financial control is essential.

However, David is an enthusiastic Jaguar owner who believes Jaguars are for driving and enjoying. He is not a concours participant although he does keep his cars in very good condition. He has a Series 2 Roadster and a Mk 2 3.8 saloon. There is nothing he likes better than to take his roadster up the Prescott Hillclimb or drive it on a quiet open road (but not motorways - boring!). He has owned the roadster since 1976 and found the Mk 2 in France in 1996 while on holiday with his wife Carol and daughter Claire in the family caravan. The Mk 2  was UK registered, right hand drive and looked somewhat neglected. By the end of the holiday it was his but he still had to get it home to the UK. So a couple of weeks later, his son Gordon - yes, our Webmaster! - John Burton - yes, Register Chairman! - and David were off back to France with a trailer to collect it. But that is another story!

David generally works in the background at events and helps with the register van and caravan, which his cautious financial management has helped the Register to acquire.

David can be contacted by phone on [+44] (0)1438 716848
or by E-Mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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